Open your Heart and Mind with Vivid Green Chrysoprase!‚Ā† ūüíö

Open your Heart and Mind with Vivid Green Chrysoprase!‚Ā† ūüíö

A stone of hope and truth, vivid opalescent green chrysoprase opens your heart and mind to welcome new love, joy and prosperity into your life!


How and where chrysoprase is formed

Chrysoprase is a type of chalcedony, which is a variety of quartz. It's striking apple green colour is due to the presence of trace amounts of nickel during formation. It is most commonly sourced in the United States, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Poland and Tanzania.



Chrysoprase throughout history

The name chrysoprase is believed to be derived from the Greek words chrysos meaning gold, and prasinon meaning green. In antiquity chrysoprase represented the divine love of truth and was assigned to the Goddess Venus. It was used by the Greeks, Roman and Egyptians to make jewellery, seals, signets and other ornamental items because of its beautiful green colour. Legend has it that Alexander the Great would wear a piece of chrysoprase on his belt to help him win battles during his quest for world domination!

Chrysoprase meanings, properties and energies

Chrysoprase attracts new love, joy, happiness and prosperity into your life. Its calming and positive energies encourage growth and openness to new situations, and help you to align your ideals with your behaviour. Useful for compassion and forgiveness it stimulates acceptance of yourself and others, and is also said to encourage fidelity in relationships.

This delightful apple green crystal opens, activates and energises the heart and sacral chakras, bringing universal energy and a sense of being a part of the divine whole. It gives hope and personal insights, and a feeling of emotional security.

Excellent for stimulating your creative side, chrysoprase draws out your innate gifts and talents. 

A birthstone for May, chrysoprase is a lovely alternative to the more traditional stone for May birthdays, the emerald.



Caring for your chrysoprase crystals

Chrysoprase can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to store it safely away from sunlight and heat as prolonged exposure may cause fading. 


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