Mix It Up With These Dazzling Multicoloured Crystals! ūüĆą

Mix It Up With These Dazzling Multicoloured Crystals! ūüĆą

We think all crystals are miracles of Mother Nature, but there's something extra special about multicoloured gemstones! Here are some of our favourites:‚Ā†


Labradorite: For intuition and psychic abilities‚Ā†

Known as the stone of magic, mystical labradorite is thought to be strongly connected to the spirit world. Believed to raise consciousness and connect with universal energies, it is said to boost your intuition and psychic abilities.


Tiny Labradorite Teardrop Necklace


Rainbow Tourmaline: For protection and positivity‚Ā†

Thought to have gained all its colours from traveling along a rainbow, October birthstone tourmaline is is thought to strengthen the body and spirit, and often used as a talisman for protection against all types of dangers.


Rainbow Tourmaline Gemstone Bead Drop Hoop Earrings

Fluorite: For cleansing the mind and aura‚Ā†

Used to absorb negative energy, luminescent fluorite is said to cleanse the mind and aura. It is believed to enhance mental clarity, concentration and aid in decision making.


‚Ā†Sparkling Fluorite Faceted Bead Bar Necklace

Ethiopian Opal: For self-worth and creativity‚Ā†

Associated with love and passion, October birthstone Ethiopian opal is said to enhance your self-worth, originality and creativity. 


Ethiopian Opal Beaded Chain Bracelet


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Are you drawn to these rainbow coloured gems? Let us know in the comments, and explore our range of handmade crystal jewellery designs available in these multicoloured crystals and many other genuine gemstones!



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