Lighten Your Mood With The Joyful, Loving Energies Of October Birthstone Pink Tourmaline! ūüíĖ

Lighten Your Mood With The Joyful, Loving Energies Of October Birthstone Pink Tourmaline! ūüíĖ

Brimming full of love, joy and happiness energies, pink tourmaline is a stone of compassion, emotional healing and self-love. Lighten your mood and bring more cheerfulness into your life with October birthstone pink tourmaline!


How and where pink tourmaline is formed

Found in shades of pink ranging from pretty and pale to vibrant and hot, pink tourmaline is a member of the Elbaite Tourmaline family and contains a range of minerals, such as aluminium, sodium and lithium. Like all tourmaline crystals it is formed in voids deep under the ground known as pegmatites. These voids fill with a hot, mineral rich liquid that crystallises as it cools to form tourmaline crystals. Deposits have been found in the United States, Brazil, Namibia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar and Afghanistan.


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Pink tourmaline throughout history

An admired gemstone for centuries, pink tourmaline was a particular favourite of Chinese Empress Tz’u Hsi, who was said to be laid to rest on a carved pillow of tourmaline. In the mid to late 1800's the Empress set up a direct trade line with tourmaline mines in California, which were known for producing some of the most beautiful specimens in the world.

Tourmaline crystals in their variety of colours have often been mistaken for other gems throughout history, and pink tourmaline is no exception. Gemstones in the Russian Crown jewels from the 17th century thought to be rubies were later famously discovered to be pink tourmaline.


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Pink tourmaline meanings, properties and uses

Connected to the heart chakra, pink tourmaline is believed to carry a strong feminine yin vibration. A happy gemstone full of love, joy and happiness energies, it has been used to lighten emotional and mood related problems such as anxiety, stress and depression.


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