Let The Grounding, Protective Energies Of Smoky Quartz Bring You Back To Earth! 🌻

Let The Grounding, Protective Energies Of Smoky Quartz Bring You Back To Earth! 🌻

Strongly linked to the earth and the root chakra, smoky quartz is known as one of the most efficient crystals for grounding and anchoring. This versatile healing stone is believed to gently dissolve negative vibrations and replace them with calmness and positivity. Today we’re exploring the metaphysical properties of smoky quartz and how its grounding, protective energies can help bring you back to earth!


How and where smoky quartz is formed

A variety of quartz, smoky quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral found in shades ranging from pale grey to deep brown and black. Mined in many locations around the world, its colour is determined by impurities of aluminium and natural irradiation.


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Smoky quartz throughout history

Smoky quartz was once known to the ancient druids as the 'Stone of Power', a sacred symbol of the potent powers of Earth gods and goddesses. The national gem of Scotland, it was originally mined by the Celts around 300 B.C in the Cairngorm Mountains of the Scottish highlands. Believed in some cultures to guide souls to the afterlife, smoky quartz has been used throughout history in tribal ceremonies and shamanistic rituals. 


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Smoky Quartz meanings, properties and uses

A very versatile healing stone, smoky quartz with its grounding, anchoring energies is said to purify the root chakra and help you feel more connected to Mother Earth. The perfect stone to use when you are feeling overwhelmed and chaotic, it is thought to bring a sense of stability and security.

This detoxifying and highly protective crystal is also believed to absorb electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress, gently neutralising negative vibrations to bring emotional calmness and positivity. Described as an antidote to stress, smoky quartz is thought to offer support through difficult times and relief from fear and depression.


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