Awaken Your Inner-Strength And Willpower With The Motivational Energies Of Tiger's Eye! 🤎

Awaken Your Inner-Strength And Willpower With The Motivational Energies Of Tiger's Eye! 🤎

Known as a protective stone of willpower, the motivating energies of wild and earthy tiger’s eye are said to bestow courage, confidence and inner-strength.


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How And Where Tiger's Eye Is Formed

Tiger's Eye is named for its similarity to the appearance of light bouncing off a cat’s eye, an optical phenomenon known as ‘chatoyancy’. Known as the "shapeshifter", its earthly rich bands of brown, gold and inky black appear to shift in the light when viewed from different angles, to create an intriguing silky lustre.

A semi-precious variety of quartz usually found in metamorphic rocks, tiger's eye forms when parallel veins of crocidolite fibres are altered to iron oxides and then replaced by silica. Its main sources include South Africa, Australia, the United Sates, Mexico and India.


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Tiger's Eye Meanings, Properties and Energies

In the late 16th century, Tiger’s Eye was considered more precious than gold. Known throughout history as a protective stone, it was used in ancient times as a talisman for protection against evil spirits and to provide bravery and luck in battle. Ancient Egyptians used tiger's eye in their statues to represent the eyes of the Gods, believing that it expressed divine vision.

A stone of willpower, tiger's eye is said to provide courage, inner-strength and discipline, helping you to recognise and achieve your goals. Its grounding earth energy is also known to enhance your confidence and self-worth by revealing your strengths and talents. 


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