Four empowering self-love rituals with Rose Quartz

Four empowering self-love rituals with Rose Quartz

Since February tends to focus in on Valentines Day, it’s often termed the month of love. And whilst we love to celebrate in the love-fest that is Valentines Day, we also think that love is an incredible energy for every single day, so we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to create empowering love-filled rituals using the stone of love itself; Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz layered choker

1. Run yourself a love bath

Fill a bath with water, add a few drops of rose essential oil, some rose petals and a few pieces of cleansed rose quartz crystals. Once your bath is run, set a loving intention before you step in. This could be an intention to deepen the love you have for your body, or it could be an intention to show more love to yourself, your family and friends. Then step in and soak in your love bath, focusing on the positive feelings of your intention.

Enjoy the feelings, the smell and the experience as you float off on a pink fluffy cloud of love!

Read our Charged with love: Homemade bath ritual journal entry for more ideas.

2. Create a rose quartz alter

Whether it’s at your dressing table, your yoga space or your bedside table… gather your rose quartz and create a mini alter dedicated to self love. Add into the space love notes to yourself, positive words and phrases, any images you align with and of course your rose quartz crystals too!

3. Dress with self-love to meditate

Pick yourself a gorgeous piece of rose quartz jewellery and team it with your favourite outfit… the one that makes you feel really great. Once you’re adorned in your favourite self-love pieces, sit into a comfortable meditation position and think about everything that makes you grateful for YOU. Meditate on everything that makes you awesome and bathe in the positive feelings of celebrating yourself.


4. Create a loving space to sleep in

Whether you sleep alone, or with a partner, ensure that your bedroom is an inviting space for love. Add a piece of rose quartz on each bedside table and perhaps even hang a piece above your bed. Infusing your bedroom with rose quartz loving and healing energy creates a tranquil, calm and safe space to love in.

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Do you have any other special ways in which you use rose quartz? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your ideas.


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