The comforting pink crystals you'll love for joy, romance and self-acceptance!

The comforting pink crystals you'll love for joy, romance and self-acceptance!

Radiating love, kindness and joy, pink crystals have a nurturing energy that is believed to soothe and calm your emotions. Representing not only romantic love but also self-care and acceptance, pink gems are known to carry dominant feminine energies and a strong connection to the heart chakra. Read on to learn more about our favourite comforting pink crystals for love, compassion and happiness!


Rose Quartz

Connected with the heart, rose quartz is known as the love stone. It represents romance, compassion and comfort.  This pretty pink crystal doesn't just encourage romance, but also love towards friends and family, and learning to love yourself.


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Pink Tourmaline

This October birthstone is a happy gemstone, full of love, joy and happy energies. It has been used to lighten emotional and mood related problems such as anxiety, stress and depression and to help bring more cheerfulness into your life.


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Pink Peruvian Opal

October birthstone pink Peruvian opal brings inspiration and creativity. It bestows gentle love and kindness to all kinds of relationships, and is believed to help you release your inhibitions.


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Do you have a favourite pink crystal? Let us know in the comments, and explore our range of handmade jewellery designs available in these comforting pink crystals for love and happiness plus many more!


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